Home and Office Window Tinting

WindowCarTints.com has joined the TintingDirect installer network. We  now provide a window film installation service – solar control, safety and security, and decorative, dusted and frosted films in Melbourne, Australia.

  • When you buy window tinting online for your Melbourne home or office you will probably want the film to be installed professionally. We provide a film installation service to TintingDirect customers in Melbourne.

Tinting Direct imports the highest quality USA made window films and sells them at a lower price than competitors. It also supplies all the leading brands of home and office windows films.

  • Compare films – Compare tinting price and review window film performance
  • The online job costing app lets people find out how much window tinting in Melbourne should cost. A quote is emailed to you showing the cost of the film and the installation.
  • The company gives customers a 15% discount for measuring their own windows (this is the sales commission other companies pay to their sales reps) .
  • Reading a tape measure is fairly easy and most people can do it to save 15%, but most customers would prefer the film to be installed professionally and get an installation company, like us, to do the job.

WindowCarTints.com is an old Melbourne car window tinting business. We still tint cars and supply pre-cut car kits but found it difficult to compete with TintingDirect in the supply of home and office window tinting films. So, we joined the TintingDirect installer network to provide a high quality flat glass film installation service to their Melbourne customers to complement our car tinting business.

  • When you place a film order with TintingDirect please choose WindowCarTints.com for window tinting in Melbourne

WindowCarTints.com installs film to the International Standard for window film installation.

  • we replace any film that does not meet the standard.


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