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WindowCarTints.com offers simple do-it-yourself tint kits, so that you can save time and money while still achieving professional results and residential tinting in Melbourne. Since our kits are pre-cut perfectly, there is no manual cutting required. Simply wet the film and apply it to your vehicle for a professional result!

WindowCarTints.com is an authorised film installer for http://tintingdirect.com.au, Australia's premier online supplier of tinting for office and home windows. Please choose WindowCarTints.com for professional window tinting in Melbourne.

All of our tint kits include high quality film, which allows us to pass a Life Time Warranty to our customers. We avoid using cheap film like so many other companies. Our film is guaranteed not fade, lose color, turn purple, or bubble.

Our automotive window tint kits are cut with a computer to guarantee a perfect fit. There is no cutting required. Guaranteed perfect fit for every window on your vehicle.

Quality Precut Window Car Tints at Best Prices

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Our company has been in business for over 20 years now. We are constantly looking for new ways to make our customers happy and offer the best product on the market. In the past few months we have purchased a few pre-cut tint kits from our competitors to see if the product that they advertise is the product that is used. After sending the Kits to our manufacturer for analysis we found that 3 out of 4 WERE NOT using the film that is advertised. Companys are selling cheap store bought film and telling you that its the BEST. This is very disturbing to us. Check out this RACQ home window tinting price review. So please do some research before you spent your money on junk. Again all of our films are High Performance and include a Lifetime Warranty!



Why buy from us


Our window tint is computer precut with the finest equipment on the market and will precisely fit your exact make, model, and year vehicle.


Our film reflects harmful UV rays, filters day time lights, and filters night time headlights.


Our film keeps the interior of your vehicle feeling cooler and it will extend the life of your leather, vinyl, plastic, and other material.


Our film will increase the security of your glass by adding a layer of laminate film to better hold together breaking glass.


Our film will greatly increase your privacy that you need in today fast paces environment.


Our film is non-metallic meaning it is safe to install without blocking signals such as cell phones and radios.


Our film is super hard coated to best resist scratching and give you the best installation possible. We also visually inspect and carefully handle all film to make sure it will arrive without any flaws.


We offer you the best value on the market. Others claim to have the best film and service, but they over charge for the same product we offer you at discounted pricing.


We offer the most “Free Shipping” items in our industry, have no hidden fees, and have strict 100% up front honesty.


We work very hard on shipping your package quickly and safely.


Our customer service is highly responsive and answers all e-mails in a timely and professional manner.


We have over 50 000 happy customer since 1991. Feel safe buying this item from us.


We understand your needs and work very closely with you throughout your project to finish line. We offer the best installation instructions with a free link to an online installation video.


Buy it once and buy it from the best. If you installed your window tint and the quality did not meet your standards, just contact us and we will replace it for free!